About Us

National Independent Appraisals is a full service independent auto damage appraisal firm based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  NIA specializes in auto damage appraisals, photos only assignments, and desk reviews with the ability to customize our services to your every need. We cater to insurance companies of all sizes, standard and non-standard. Our executive and management teams are fully committed to our business model, which allows for customized services across the United States. We work with our clients to ensure top notch service is being provided in a timely manner and at competitive rates.


Choosing the right business partner is never easy. Businesses often spend years cultivating a trustworthy and respectable reputation. A single misstep and the trust and confidence of your policyholders can be broken. At National Independent Appraisals we understand that your reputation is at stake. Our top notch talent is carefully vetted and chosen for their extensive industry experience and superior customer service skills. NIA can provide your policyholders with superior service, while ensuring a time and cost effective process.




Our goal is to operate as a service based company whose primary focus is to exceed customers’ expectations. We want to increase our number of clients based solely on our superior service. We want our reputation to speak for itself, while improving the reputation of our clients.



We want to secure the utmost confidence of our clients by always providing the highest quality work product in a time and cost effective manner. The high quality of our work should satisfy the policyholder and the client, while making the claim process simpler and stress-free.



We take great pride in being able to completely customize our services to suit the clients’ needs. This unique ability allows a savings of cost and time, while still ensuring that our clients receive the excellent service they can come to expect from National Independent Appraisals. This flexibility ensures that we are the best solution for any insurance company.